Frequently Asked Questions

I try a command from the book and get "Error: could not find function ...". What's up?

That means either the command is mistyped, or more likely you need to load a library that enables it.

Check your typing, and if that doesn't fix it, look back through the chapter for a library() command that you might have missed. To search installed libraries on your system to see which one has the command, you can also use "??".

I’m an instructor and considering using R for Marketing Research and Analytics in a class. Are there exercises and course materials available?

Yes! Slides are now available in R markdown (R presentation) format -- with .R code snippets for students to use to follow along, and HTML presentation for the classroom. Slides are here. Also, we'd be interested to hear about your class. Please send an email to, and let us know what types of students you teach and how you are thinking of using the book.

Note that the primary goal of this book is a text to help professionals who work with marketing data to master R. Of course, students are future professionals and we think the book will be useful to them, too.

If you want your students to develop strong R skills, we suggest using the book in a “workshop” format course where students sit at computers and work together through the examples with guidance from an instructor. We are also assembling a set of exercises for each chapter that can be used for evaluating students mastery of the material.