Errata for 2nd edition

General note. R packages often change their computation algorithms, function names, and requirements. If your code doesn't work or the output doesn't match what is shown in the book, see Section 1.6.4 in the book for notes and ideas.

For 1st edition errata, see Errata for 1st edition only.

Specific errata and package update notes

Page Change
(throughout) R 3.6.0 (2019) changed its random number generator. This changes results for data simulation (not downloaded data), exact results from Bayesian statistics, and a few other minor results throughout the book. If you wish to match the book exactly, give the following command after you start R (ignore the warning in this case):


This command has been incorporated into the downloadable .R files. See the Home page Recent Updates (May 12, 2019) for more options.
109 Question 11 in the Exercises will not compute in the latest version of psych::polychoric. Answer instead: what does the error message tell you?

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